Tuesday, May 24

Skin Care: Your Skin Type

We've all heard about "Skin Types" such as oily, dry, normal, and combination skin. Have you pinned down which category your skin falls under? If you're like most, your skin never fits in one category indefinitely because our skin type changes from season to season, and even week to week! In the winter we may consider our skin to fit into the "dry skin"category, whereas in the summer it fits into the "oily skin" category.

So why do we bother having skin types at all? Well, mostly because they are a great marketing method for skin care companies! It's much easier for them if you consider yourself to fit in one category and one category only so you continully buy their "{insert type here} skin care line" over and over again without considering any other options.

The truth is that your skin will never fall into just one category all the time. Several other categories have also been marketed such as sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. Instead of describing what the surface of your skin is currently experiencing (such as excess oil), they describe REACTIONS to products that your skin experiences. With that in mind, I'd be more apt to say that ALL skin types are sensitive and acne prone under the certain conditions.

Not only will the category of your skin change (due to internal or external factors), it will also change over time AND can fit into more than one category at once.

Additionally, the "normal" skin type category is the one we'd all like to fit into because it's considered to be the skin type with no problems or visible flaws. However, the majority of women, including those who seem to have a "flawless face", do not consider themselves to have "normal" skin. And the ones that have said they have "normal skin" in the past, often change the category they feel their skin fits under in the future. This is a good representation of how everyone's skin type changes... or rather, the needs of our skin changes often! It also points out that even women who have skin that makes us totally jealous, aren't always happy with their skin and don't consider it to be "normal", or perfect all the time. I'm not pointing this out to say that you'll never have "normal" or "perfect" skin, I'm trying to drive home the point that we're far too critical of a few fine lines, a hint of red, a blemish or two, or even freckles (which by the way, are beautiful so flaunt them if you have them!). What we need to do is learn to love our skin by focusing on it's NEEDS and the condition of its overall state, rather than focusing on tiny areas that can only been seen THISCLOSE in the mirror or by losing sleep over what an ad on TV has told us to worry about! (I would love to put in a perfect example of one of these commercials here but I'll save it for the youtube or blogtalkradio version of this topic!).

I have a LOT more to say about Skin Types so stick with the blog over the next little while as I will be discussing skin types in more detail! Also, in the future I'll share this info on blogtalkradio and possibly youtube so tune in/subscribe to those channels to hear or see me talk about Skin Types while adding in extra info and stories that I haven't included here. :)


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