Friday, April 9

Batty's Answer to The Etsy Forum Question: How Do You Get Sales?

battysbath says: I spend a lot of time in 3 different areas (outside of creating that is)

1 - promoting/networking/chatting/advertising - i use facebook, twitter, plurk, thumblr, blogger, flickr, stumble upon, project wonderful, yammi, craft juice, craft gawker, mailing list, etsy forums, and a few off etsy forums

2 - tweaking! i'm consistently tweaking my tags, photos, and descriptions. this involves researching SEO, retaking pictures, and looking up keywords in google analytics

3 - offline - i learned from my first etsy shop that putting all your eggs in the etsy basket isn't always the best idea. i'm working on booking a craft show or home show each and every weekend. right now i have almost every weekend for the next 9 weeks booked.

.. i hope that helps :)

(originally answered in this forum post)


  1. Who do you get to book a home show? How? I can't get anyone to do it, but I design jewelry.

  2. I started with my mom. She hosted the first one. A few people that couldn't make it to that one have booked their own. Then I usually have a few more people interested in hosting one after each one... either someone that couldn't make it or someone that has another group of friends that would be interested. I've been lucky so far. They have been booking without too much pressure for my end.