Tuesday, July 6

Beauty from the Inside Out: Almonds

It's one thing to pamper your body on the outside with skin-loving handmade bath & body products, but what about the inside? Natural beauty just doesn't come from the products we put on our skin, but it also comes from our state of mind (being healthy mentally and content - I'll touch on this more in future posts) and from the foods we feed our bodies.

Today's power food is Almonds!

So what do almond have to do with natural beauty?
Well, almonds have vitamin E! Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps protect our skin cells from the sun's damaging rays. If that wasn't enough, Vitamin E does some other marvelous things to keep our natural beauty shining through - it helps form muscle and tissue to prevent premature aging of the skin (close enough to the fountain of youth right?), and it helps protect the skin from dryness.

But aren't almonds why in calories?
Indeed, nuts can be high in calories but don't worry about getting extra junk in the trunk just to get Vitamin E's benefits! You only need a handful of almonds! About 25 almonds provide half of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin E!

Not into almonds?
Try sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, hazelnuts, or peanuts :)

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