Tuesday, July 27

New Release: Soapy Scrub Bars!

Straight from the Batty studio is my brand new creation: Soapy Scrub Bars!!
The first scent to be released is delicious French Crumb Cake!

This handmade bar of skin loving glycerin soap is also a powerful exfoliating scrub bar! Packed with natural apricot shells, you'll be soaping up and scrubbing down at the same time! The glycerin soap in this bar draws moisture out of the air to benefit your skin. It also gets your skin perfectly clean without upsetting the delicate natural pH balance necessary for soft, healthy skin. And, since there are no heavy animal oils in any of Batty’s soaps, they rinse clean away and leave no soapy film behind. You'll also fall in love with the pure and natural apricot shells that deep-clean, renew and detoxify all skin types.


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