Thursday, August 26

New Release: Facial Soap

A new facial soap has arrived in the Batty's Bath online store!

If you often have break outs and are looking for a soap to help you get your problem skin under control - this is the soap for you! If you're looking for a soap to keep your skin clean, controlled, smooth, and soft - This is still the soap for you!

This soap bar does the work of two different soap bars - the patchouli side is used during a flare up of skin problems to helps calm break outs, while the grapefruit side purifies congested, oily and acne prone skin to reduce future breakouts!

The side of the soap made with patchouli essential oil has jojoba beads added for excellent moisturizing benefits as well as extremely mild exfoliation.

The side of the soap made with grapefruit essential oil has apricot shells added for deep cleaning exfoliation.

Who could resist this new 2-in-one facial bar? :)
Snag a bar for yourself or someone else by going to the Batty's Bath Etsy shop!


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