Wednesday, August 11

SCA: This bill is based on bad science

Have you probably had a look at my previous posts on my opposition to the SCA. I've talked about the overall problems with the bill as well as the specific labeling requirements.

Today I want to point out that the bill is based on bad science.

I wont go into all the ins and outs of this bad science because it would be far too long of a blog post, so for a more in depth look at the bad science behind the bill, check out this video.

The bottom line is that cosmetics are not killing you. In fact, most handmade and indie sellers are making products with natural ingredients that are good for you and your skin! If fingers need to be pointed at things that are killing us, I'd looking at things that have been proven to have a positive link to cancer such as diet, lack of exercise, obesity, smoking, and excessive drinking. Cosmetics have no conclusive link to causing cancer. Moreover, indie sellers and soap makers are very careful to formulate safe, high quality products. If this bill passes, companies that are formulate low quality, mass produced products will continue to exist, and actually thrive because all the indie sellers will be wiped out by the bill.

Please don't let this happen. None of us want indie sellers to be wiped out - they have families to feed, and showers to fill with skin loving bath & body products! I would be devastated if all that was on the market for bath & body products was what you find at Wal-Mart and I know I'm not alone! It just takes one look at the Bath & Beauty section on Etsy to see that this bill will effect more than just a few people. It will effect indie businesses in every state, province, and city across North America!

If you haven't signed the petition yet, please do so here.

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