Wednesday, September 22

Why Mineral Makeup?

Laura Kepshire is a complementary-medicine practitioner at Brennan Healing Science in New York City, where she uses therapeutic touch and integrative healing techniques. "I've always been attracted to minerals," she says. "As a child in Anchorage, Alaska, I would gather rocks and minerals and keep them in my pockets. I don't wear much makeup, so I love how light and natural the makeup feels on my skin."

"My patients are interested in mineral makeup because it sounds natural," says New York City dermatologist Francesca Fusco, M.D. "It can be helpful for acne-prone skin, because it usually contains zinc, which can help breakouts," she explains. (But it's not a cure-all for sensitive skin. Fusco cautions, "You can be sensitive to anything, minerals included.") The higher the mineral content, Ranger says, the greater the skin-soothing benefits. Look for labels that list iron oxides, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or mica.

"Makeup should do no harm, yet many commercially available products are comedogenic and allergenic on some level," observes Dr. Karen Dover, a laser and cosmetic medicine specialist who recommends mineral makeup to clients who have had procedures, are acne-prone, have sensitive skin or are just concerned about chemicals in makeup.

"Mineral makeup gets a lot of support from dermatologists because it doesn't do those things. It's pure and quite soothing, especially on skin that's been treated."


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