Tuesday, October 5

New Release: Candy Corn Soap

I couldn't help myself! I just had to bring out another special Halloween release! All the prep I'm doing for the Bazaar of the Bizarre really has me in the mood for all things Halloween (more than usual lol)!

This seasonal glycerin soap smells and looks like the sweet Halloween treat, Candy Corn! This special Halloween release is a real treat for your skin that you can enjoy without worrying about cavities!

You don't have long before I pull my Halloween releases from the online shop for the Bazaar of the Bizarre! If I have Halloween stock left over after the Bazaar (on Oct 10th), I'll make them available in the online shop again but there's no guarantee there will be anything left! If you want to ensure you score my special Halloween releases, head over to the online shop ASAP :)


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