Wednesday, November 17

Studio Update

Studio Update, originally uploaded by She's Batty.

A pic of me working earlier. I've been so busy that the studio has been my second home for the past few months.

I have to apologize for the lack of updates on the blog! I haven't had time to cook up some interesting content because I've been so busy! I thought I should update everyone as I predict that things wont slow down for me until January.

Many of you know that I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and Fibromyalgia. I mention this because as I get busier, my flare ups become more frequent and intense. Right now I'm on a loop of recovering, restocking, doing a show (read: provoking a flare up), and starting all over again - recovering, restocking, show.

As you can imagine that the recovery step takes more time every time the loop cycles. Right now I have an average of 3-4 shows/home parties per week plus restocking in between and managing my online shop. As the recovery process takes longer, the less stock I have at each show, and the more stressed out I become - After all, I want to make sure everyone has all the pampering goodies they are looking for!

Things are certainly a whirlwind right now and I'm so thankful that my little business is doing so well! I'm also thankful that things should slow down and get back to normal in the new year. Being super busy with orders is amazing, but not when my health suffers because of it. I've already figured out a few things to do differently in the new year to make things more balanced. I have to look after my health first and foremost otherwise not only will I burn out, but nobody will get to enjoy my batty creations!

In the new year, I'll reduce the amount of shows I do by half - yup, you read that right, I said half! I feel that since local supporters can order from my online shop (with free delivery), book a home party, or shop at Weezi's 6 days a week, this shouldn't impact regular local customers too much (at least this is my hope). I still plan to be at the Covent Garden Market once a month, so no worries there for all the wonderful people that come out every time I'm there! I've decided to reduce the number of shows I book because this decrease will give me more time to fill orders, connect with customers, and take care of my health without taking away from the needs of my business.

Please accept my apology for the lack of updates and interactions. I'm really trying to make sure everyone who wants Batty's Bath goodies for the holidays has them - thankfully, due to all your support - that's a tall order to fill :) I'm sure since your bathrooms are smelling great, your skin is smooth, and your hair is looking great you don't mind the lack of interesting blog content ;) hehe.

Thanks again for all your support everyone! The blog will get back to "normal" as I have time, and if there's anything you'd like to see here (content and subject matter wise), don't hesitate to late me know. The blog survey is still a a great way to have your voice heard!

Happy Holidays everyone!
Be well :)


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