Friday, December 3

Q & A with Batty: How well does your primer work for oily skin?

Q: "How well does this work for oily skin? I love wearing makeup (organic makeup!), but my liquid foundation always cakes and looks yucky after wearing it for several hours. I'm always on the look out for organic foundation primers, but sadly I haven't found one that did much to minimize my oil slick of a face! hehe I'm hoping yours will work like magic and possibly end my hunt!" - anonymous

battysbath says:

Thanks for your question! I've added a specific clay especially for oily skin! It actually balances excess oil :) Now the primer is one thing, but your foundation is a whole other story.. if you pile on cream, whip, or liquid makeup on top of that (or on top of anything really).. you'll get that glossy look after wearing it for several hours. The primer can handle any amount of natural skin oils, but additional synthetic or natural oils creates much too much of a mess for any primer to really handle.

My advice would be to use the primer to balance excess oil, and then use a good mineral make up foundation - that way you wont have to worry about ADDING more oil to the situation. I love mineral make up and there's a lot of great etsy sellers that have fabulous foundations :) If you simply cannot stray from "traditional" make up I would at least try to use on that has as little "liquid" content as possible. Always finish with a POWDER! So even if you are using, say a cream foundation (i actually love whipped foundation hehe), then finish it off with a GOOD layer of pressed powder or a sheer finishing mineral makeup powder. This will help to absorb any oils that come out from the makeup while the primer works on YOUR natural ois underneath :)

I hope that helps :)


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