Monday, January 17

Online Shop at is Now Open!

Some of you have already noticed and taken the opportunity to order from which is very exciting for me!

To bring everyone else up to speed, you can now shop on Etsy or at There's advantages and differences in each shop which give my customers more choice and control over their online shopping experience! For example, if you want to shop in US funds, you can use Etsy. But if you want to shop in Canadian funds, you can shop at

With the new choice to shop on Etsy or you may be wondering which option is best for you! No problem! Click here to find out which shopping option is best for you or read the copy & pasted version below!

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Shopping at

This option is recommended for local London customers. Why? The shopping cart here does NOT automatically add shipping costs on to your order. Since we deliver orders within London, ON for free, this means you don't need to worry about a revised invoice or be refunded for shipping costs. Simply add your items to your shopping cart and check out with paypal as usual (with no shipping charges!). There's also no login required and all prices are in Canadian dollars.

The online shop here at is also a great option for non-local customers! Non-local customers simply need to add flat-rate shipping to their cart ($10 for Canada, $12 for the USA, and $25 for other countries) and don't need to ever worry about paying more than these shipping costs. Although flat rate shipping still applies in the Etsy shop, Etsy adds up shipping costs on each individual item so many times, refunds for overages in shipping need to be issued via Paypal. However, if you're only ordering a lip balm, Etsy is the way to go!

IN STOCK ITEMS: Etsy is also the way to go if you're looking to order items that are currently in stock - we try our best to keep every product we offer (except limited seasonal releases) in stock at all times but occasionally we do sell out and there's a delay in the availability of products while we order supplies and restock. This delay is usually no longer than 2 weeks although we have found that it can take much longer to get ingredients during holiday times. The shop here at generally lists every product we offer rather than listing only what's in stock. From time to time when ordering from the online shop here at you could experience a "back ordered item".

Shopping on Etsy

All listings on Etsy are in US dollars and if already have an Etsy account, you maybe more comfortable shopping on Etsy. That's no problem! We love Etsy and the flat rate shipping caps apply there too! However, Etsy adds up shipping costs on each individual items so many times, refunds for overages are needed to be refunded. All overages in shipping charges are refunded via Paypal when we ship your order. One major bonus to the Etsy shop is we generally try to ensure that we only list items there that are currently in stock (see more about in stock items above).


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