Saturday, January 15

Quick Trick for Dry Hair & Skin

If your hair and skin are dry and in need some TLC, I've got a great trick to share with you! You don't even need to do anything besides soak in the tub with an olive oil bath bomb!

That's right, that's it.. well besides relaxing in the tub! Here's the full run down... Run a warm bath, throw in an olive oil bath bomb (make sure it's a bath bomb made with olive oil, like the ones from Batty's Bath, otherwise this wont work!). Now carefully climb into the tub and soak your bones! Make sure to lay back in the tub, letting your hair soak in the water as well. If you have short hair, tip your head back and soak it that way. Make sure you get all your hair wet so all your hair is treated. Let the ends float in the water most of the time if possible. You don't need to soak your hair as long as your skin; just soak your hair on and off throughout your bath time. Try to stay in the tub for 20 minutes. With a great magazine, or podcast, this shouldn't be hard :)

Happy soaking!


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