Thursday, April 28

My Week So Far: It's a Batty Life

Here we are at another weekly update. I know I ask this every week but I have to ask it again, where did the week go?! I have so many projects on the go in the studio right now that I feel like the only thing I've done all week is either sleep or squirrel away in the studio! I usually like to finish one project before moving on to the next but unfortunately I've had to work a bit differently lately because:
- I've got to keep stocked on products that are apart of my regular line which means there are times when I have to stop what I'm working on and stock another product ... or ...
- I've been waiting on ingredients or packaging to arrive .... or....
- I'll get a new product ready to release but then get distracted with restocking or working on something else before I take pictures and get them up online.

Some times with so many ideas and having a huge creative spurt really gets me off my usual routine - I'm sure many creative types can relate to that. If you're able to, when the inspiration strikes you just want to roll with it :)

I'm pretty sure I could work around the clock for a month straight and still not feel totally caught up with all the ideas running around in my head. But instead of burning myself out I decided that it's better to pace myself and try not to listen to the workaholic voice chirping in my head or the creative juices running through my veins :)

I told you about getting organized in last week's update. I also carried the "non burn out path" into this week and I took Good Friday off to spend with my family! Those two cutie pies in the picture above are my nephew and niece (did you notice that my niece got into my mom's make up? lol.. so no, she doesn't have two black eyes, she's got, and i quote "pretty purple eye shadow on"! haha). They are both so cute I'm sure they are going to grow up to be heartbreakers ;) I also took some time almost each night this week to spend with friends! It was definitely a different feeling to wake up and hang out with friends for a few hours before starting work! I totally felt spoiled! It was great to see them all and I'm glad so many of us had schedules that could fit in some friend time. I'll definitely be booking in more "friend weeks" in the future. Friends are good for the soul :)

  • Some Batty's Bath goodies will be at the Handmade Collective booth at the MET's grand opening this weekend!
  • After a long winter, Sun & Sand Glycerin Soap is back!
  • Bubblegum Lip Balm is back in stock.
  • Orange Chocolate Truffle Lip Balm is back in stock.
  • Upcoming product releases: leave in conditioner, quick stick acne fix, mild unscented facial scrub (with jojoba beads), green apple shampoo & conditioner, new foot scrub, a new solid perfume scent, and a new solid cologne scent.
  • I also have several other products in the works that are currently being tested by my lovely family & a few friends. Stay tuned for more updates.
  • One of the summer shows I was signed up for (the SchoolHouse Studio show in Komoka) has been cancelled so I'm on the look out for another show or 2 home parties to fill in that weekend (June 25th & 26th).
  • Many of the shows and events that have been confirmed are now listed on the Events page at I'll be adding more event listings as they are confirmed.


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