Tuesday, May 10

3 Things You Can Do This Weekend to Spring Clean Your Skin Care Routine

1. Clear out any "cleansing products" that aren't REAL soap. If it's not a natural body wash, natural castile soap (liquid or solid), or handmade soap, get rid of it. "Beauty Bars" aren't real soap (that's why they can't put soap on the label) - same goes for "Facial Cleansers". These products use harsh detergents in place of skin loving glycerin soap so they gotta go!

2. Say goodbye to industrial made toners because they are usually one of the worst things you can do to your skin! They strip your skin's natural moisturizer barrier which results in breakouts, dryness, redness, and irritation. No, they aren't going to magically get rid of blackheads (sorry!), so you're wasting your money and hurting your skin! If you're trying to control oil and switching to a handmade soap and mineral makeup isn't doing the trick, try Batty's Quick Stick that includes nature's toner: witch hazel.

3. Break up with your shampoo & conditioner if your hair is still frizzy, dry, unruly, and your scalp is itchy! I could write an essay on this but for this post I'll just stick to the very basics! Industrial made shampoos & conditioners don't wash clean - you know the promise of "smooth, straight hair"? They try to live up to that promise by leaving residue in your hair that weighs it down. What's wrong with that you say? The problem is that residue damages your hair and makes the problem worse. The slippery part of this slop is that your hair gets more frizzy and dry so you continue to use these "speciality" shampoos for frizzy hair not realizing that they are making your hair more and more frizz every time you use them! Not cool!!! Instead, switch to a handmade, natural shampoo or shampoo bar, and conditioner that wash clean and prevent damage to your hair in the first place (for example by detangle your hair to avoid breakage). It's also important to note that it usually takes 2-3 weeks for a natural shampoo & conditioner routine to completely wash out all the previous residue left behind by those "other" shampoos & conditioner & for your hair to adjust to "natural life".


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