Friday, August 26

My Week So Far: It's a Batty Life - Overdue Update

Last night I said a final good-bye to the make-shift studio I've been working in since Batty's Bath launched.

After moving the finally bits and pieces out of my sunny yellow studio, it dawned on me just how much I accomplished (and crammed) into this little room. At one point it was merely a spare room, but it took on so much more than that.

I have to say, as much as I'm excited about moving upward and onward, a small piece of me is going to miss that room. I remember Drew and I first converting this space from a bedroom into a "craft space". In that craft space, I dreamed, pondered,.... and wondered if this space would ever turn into anything more than a hobby room. If I told myself back then what I know now, I doubt I would have believed it.

I'm still trying to fathom that what was once a craft space, turned studio, ended up being too small for all the work that needed to be done! It's amazing what a dream can turn into when you need to succeed to keep food on the table and a roof over your head.

I don't think it's the mere fact that the business is doing well that keeps me amazed, but more the way that people have responded to what I create. There truly is a need for alternative bath & beauty products. Drew isn't the only one who's body is telling us that so many of the ingredients in major brands are seriously bad for us and the earth. My heart overflows every time I take a moment to think that we are really doing something great here... and when I say "we" I don't mean ME, but I mean us.... The whole Batty family (which include every single soul that has supported this journey). Together we are all saying that natural, eco-friendly, skin loving, ingredients matter to us and that picking products that take care of our skin is worth it. We are making the choice not to support companies that offer ill-conceived values, morals, and products. It feels like a mini movement of sorts. And maybe this all seems a bit dramatic, but this is truly how I feel... like we are making a small but meaning full change... from a spare bedroom came a hope for healthier children, families, and communities by refusing to use toxic chemicals, cancer causing carcinogens and harmful contaminates. The simple, pure, clean, bio-degradable products that I once made only to keep Drew's skin from reacting in horrible ways, has urged me to investigate more, formula better products, and source out the best ingredients that nature has to offer.

And its even helped my health. I'm less stress now that I've realized the pure relaxation that can be felt by soaking in a tub with a fragrant bath bomb, or skin loving salts (my body thanks me by being less sore and achy! less pain means less stress). My diseases are more controlled than ever now that I can work from home on my own schedule. Mentally I'm stretching and strengthening my mind each and every day. Emotionally I feel like I'm making a small but meaningful difference, and am satisfied.

This update definitely turned into something other than what it was intended - a simple update.... a much needed update on what's been going on behind the scenes - as I like to do every Thursday as time allows. If you're a regular blog reader you've noticed that I haven't been able to post a "my week so far" update in some time. I'm in a season of change and chaos right now with moving, a wedding, and what feels like a new chapter in my life. Seasons like this rarely follow a routine or schedule which as been apparent with my limited online presence and lack of updates. I do try to post here and there on the facebook fan page so you know I'm still around and working away like a busy bee in the studio getting orders out and prepping for the holiday seasons ahead. And if you're read this far, thanks for listening! I hope this detour from the normal format sits ok with you - I normally keep to the basics, but tonight I was too inspired as I reflected on the week to give you the barebones update. Sharing pieces of me has always been a part of Batty's Bath, and from the feedback, many of you enjoy getting to know a bit more about the gal behind the soap and the journey I'm on.

So what's ahead? Hopefully more updates lol.... but my prediction is that they wont be as frequent as I would like, particularly with articles. I love to write informative posts and help educate those who are interested in what's in their products - it's definitely a part of my usual routine that I'm missing.. I have lots of ideas for posts, just no time write them.

The next few weeks for Drew and I will be living out of suitcases in a temp location. We've moved out of our old house and are now in limbo until we can move into the new one. I've got the temp studio all set up and buzzing already. So for now, the studio is up and running like normal, just not as organized or efficient as I would like since I'm having to work out of boxes a lot of the time. After a few weeks though, phase 2 of the move will kick in and we can start moving again, but this time, into our new home. The studio will be one of the first things unpacked and set up so downtime should be minimal.

Of course you can guess that the weeks following that will consist of lots of cleaning, unpacking, and making the place feel like home. We hope to have everything unpacked and setup before our October wedding... which is another thing that's keeping us busy! Phew... I'm starting to get tired just thinking about how busy the past 2 months have been, and how the pace wont slow down until sometime in the new year (Sept - Feb is the busiest time of the year for Batty's Bath).

My health has been up and down with all that's going on. I'm still doing better than ever, but am having a lot of mild flare ups - particularly of fatigue. So the more I have to do, the more hours I sleep, and the less hours there are to work. I'm thankful that I'm sleeping though. There was nothing worse than the insomnia I dealt with for so long. I'm also thankful that for the most part I can sleep when I need to and work when I find the energy.

I suppose this lengthy update is needed as the move and wedding will keep me busy until November. And, if this year is like last year, the business will keep me busy after that until the slow down in mid-February. This post can serve as an answer to the question "where are all the new posts?" :)

With that said, I will try to update the blog with new information and updates when I can.. I'm not giving up yet! lol. But I do want to be realistic with all the things competing for my time right now and making sure my family comes first, then my health, then the aspects of the business that can't be put off (like making/shipping orders, stocking retailers, and answering emails). Unfortunately, as much as I love blogging, it's near the bottom of the priority list.

Wow. This is getting BEYOND lengthy. haha. If you've stuck with me this far, THANKS! I'd hate to leave you with nothing for all the time you've spent reading my ramblings, so use the coupon code BUSYBATTY in the main shop (, for 10% off your next order. This coupon code will expire Sept 4th, 2011 so be sure to use it before then.


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