Wednesday, November 16

Soap Drive Soaps! Raising Money for Animals in Need

The first every Batty's Bath Soap Drive is under way! Thank you to all who have shown their support so far! If you haven't bought your soap drive soaps yet, don't worry! You have until the end of December to place your order! (Or until Dec 18th to pick up one of the soap drive soaps at the Met)

What is the Batty's Bath Soap Drive?
Batty creates a special soap dedicated to a local charity and all the proceeds from the sales of that soap go to that charity!

Facebook Fans voted for their charities of choice!
The two charities we are raising money for this year are: A.R.F Ontario and Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary.

Read descriptions of the specialized soaps below:

A.R.F. Ontario Soap:
Glycerin Heart Soap with a Paw Print inside. Scented with "Sugar Plum".

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary Soap:
Glycerin Pink Piggy Soap. Scented with Pomegranate Mango.


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