Thursday, December 17

Forms and Legal Stuff

I've had another productive few days! I'm trying to do at least one thing every day to push Batty's Bath closer to being able to officially open. The past few days I've been creating more new formulas (I'm really happy with the shea butter one we're currently testing), and have started tackling some of the legal and declaration type forms that need to be done. I'm happy to say that my official application for a new business registration has been completed and I've made a lot of head way with the Health Canada cosmetic notification forms. All this and studying for psychological stats too! My stats mid-year exam is on Monday and I'm totally confused with all the content! At least Batty's Bath is coming along smoothly! I wish I could say the same for stats. Unfortunately stats is beyond my level of mathematical thinking which could make it tricky to pull of a pass! Eep! Wish my luck!


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