Sunday, January 31

Batty's Bath Packaging

Batty's Bath packaging has been made and is ready to go (Thanks Mom)! In fact, a few have already been giving out with offline orders! Check out the picture below to see some of the awesome fabrics we found for these bags! Mom made a few different sizes and has been a busy bee making these handmade gems!

All my products (except single lip balm orders) are packaged in these reusable, eco-friendly, cloth drawstrings bag! I like to use these bags to store make-up, craft supplies, hair ties, and any other loose ends around the house that need a home. These bags also work perfectly when giving my products as a gift - no more wrapping paper required!

The Story Behind the Bags:
My Grandmother used to make drawstring cloth bags every year for all of us at Christmas. They are what she wrapped all our gifts in. Now that my Grandmother has passed, my mom has taken up the tradition! I knew this family tradition was too special not to share with my new Batty's Bath customers. I hope all of my customers enjoy these bags as much as my family does! The tradition is that the receiver uses the bag they receive to wrap gifts in the next year so the bag gets passed on to someone else. There's always a good circulation of these bags going around in my family. Grandma, and now my Mom, keeps adding a few new bags to the pool every year so we never run out and always get a surprise fabric each year.


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