Monday, March 22

The First Ever "Sniff & Shop" Party!

Yesterday, Linda Sabot (my lovely mom!) hosted the first ever "Sniff & Shop" Party presented by Batty's Bath (moi!).

My super cute niece was on hand to help me set up! She was the best little helper I could have ever asked for!

We arrived about an hour before the guests did so we would have lots of time to set up and so I could spend some time with my niece, nephew, sister, and parents.

After my little helper, my big helper (mom couldn't resist organizing the "Bitty Batty" soap bars), and I were done setting up the table, it looked something like this......

After our organizing and setting up was complete we posed for a picture! She's getting so big that I definitely wont be able to pick her up for much longer... either that or I'm going to have to start pumping the iron between our visits lol!

The guests started arriving shortly after this picture was taken and time went by in a whirlwind from there! Every one got a body butter freebie and we played a "get to know your host" game for free soap! Turns out my mom used to practice piano on a piece of cardboard that had the keys drawn on it! haha! Everyone learned something they didn't know about my mom before but we didn't end up embarrassing her although her sister sure did try! lol.

By the end of the afternoon everyone went home with their new pampering, skin loving Batty's Bath products and my mom hit the sewing machine to make more Batty's Bath bags! She's the seamstress behind the eco-friendly cloth bags we use to package Batty's Bath orders. She's such a good sport about helping out so much and I'm sure being paid in Batty's Bath products doesn't hurt either!

Thanks again to everyone who came out to the first ever "Sniff & Shop" party! Thanks to you the day was a huge success!

If you would like to book your own "Sniff & Shop" party, please contact me:


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  1. It looks like your party was a huge success and I love the pic of you and your niece!

    Thanks for sharing your write up about your experiences with this.