Friday, April 9

A Skin Loving Handmade Soap for Your Favorite Man

When you're looking around for skin loving products, don't forget about the men in your life! If they are mine my fiance, my handmade soap will have them singing in the shower! Yup, that's right ladies - he actually SINGS in the shower now and it turns out he's a pretty good singer lol!

So what bar of soap will have your man running to the shower more often? Why it's my "Man Musk Handmade Vegan Glycerin Soap Bar"! This bar is a great way to introduce your guy to handmade soap if he's never tried it before. This bar is scented with a very masculine musky fragrance that makes those smell boys smell oh so good!

Head over to my Batty's Bath Etsy shop to pick up a Man Musk soap bar for your man and don't forget to get something for yourself too :)

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