Saturday, May 29

Lemongrass and Sage Handmade Solid Perfume

If you haven't heard about my Solid Perfumes yet then you're totally missing out! So many people have already fallen in love with them and now it's your turn!

Today I'm featuring Lemongrass & Sage Solid Perfume. This scent is a splendid blend of crisp lemongrass, gently blended with the herbal essence of honey sage. It's a great scent for those looking for something a bit different from your "run of the mill" perfume scents, it's a handmade delight that you can't get at the corner store! Perhaps you're looking to treat yourself or treat someone special, either way, handmade goodies are always the way to go and my Etsy shop is bursting at the seams with these treats!

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