Tuesday, May 25

Q & A with Batty

Q: Do You Work On Etsy Full Time From Home? And if so how do you cope with working from home?

A: I'm working from home on my biz full time. I sleep during the day, and work all night long. It works a lot better for me. I wake up when my fiance gets home from work around 5 or 6pm. We have supper together and hang out for a bit - it's a great way to start the day. I check my email during this time and reply to anything urgent and leave the rest for later. When he goes to bed (any time between 8-11pm), I start working. I find it very peaceful here at night so it's a lot easier to work without being distracted... it also helps that before starting to work for the day I've already had my social time for the day and have done laundry or other chores with my fiance. I have a craft show or home show every weekend so the next day I take the day off and recover. Usually my "day off" isn't completely a day off because I still check emails, make deliveries, and fill any special orders I received during the show the day before, but these few little things during don't take me too long so it still feels like a day off :)


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