Tuesday, June 22

AutoFest 2010 Recap -St. Thomas, ON

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
We were in St.Thomas on Sunday for AutoFest.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to see
us and a big batty hello to all the new friends we met!

I'd also like to send out a big special thank you
to Carrie from the St.Thomas Lion's Club!
You're the best Carrie!!!!

The weather was perfect, there was a lot of
fancy cars, and even more friendly people!

Here are some of our pictures from Sunday:

What do you think of our table set up? This is the first time we've used the skirting - mostly because the sticky stuff on it that keeps it attached to the blue table cloth doesn't last long (only 1 or 2 uses) so we only used it when our spot needs a little something extra. I think it really helped us stand out from the crowd at the AutoFest!

Here I am showing off what I made for my Dad for Father's day! It's wrapped in an awesome combo of green tissue paper and black shimmer halloween ribbon! haha. Inside is a bar of motorcycle soap in "mountain rain" scent :) Taken by Daddy Batty!! :D

Another picture taken by "Daddy Batty". Drew and I smiling for the camera :)

For more pictures from AutoFest, check out my flickr photostream.

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