Friday, June 11

Batty's Clear Skin/Facial How To Video

After getting lots of questions about how I take care of my skin and keep my breakouts under control, I share exactly what products I use and how often.


*~*~*~* Quick Recap of Batty's Bath Products *~*~*~*

Shea Butter Facial Soap
- daily cleanser

Patchouli Facial Moisturizer
- for combating major breakouts & skin problems

Facial Primer & Day Moisturizer
- make up primer & moisturizer for problem skin including breakouts, scars, and stretch marks

Clay Facial Mask
- concentrated with natural clays to reduce redness, breakouts, appearance of scars & stretch marks, as well as detox

Body Scrub
- exfoliate made with natural apricot shells.

- the handmade combo of these two products will calm any hair type and make your hair more manageable then you ever imagined!


*~*~*~* Picking Soap Tip *~*~*~*

Dry Skin: use shea butter or olive oil
Norma to Oily Skin: use glycerin


*~*~*~* Links Mentioned *~*~*~*

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