Sunday, July 4

Local Loving

Drew and I finally had some days off together so we totally took advance of this rarity! We got out and about to a few of the local hot spots that we've been wanting to check out. Our first stop was the new Relish restaurant. They had their grand opening on June 11th and I had heard so many good things about them since then! Good news travels fast! I love that a "veggie burger" isn't some after thought at the bottom of the menu - any of their burgers can be a veggie burger! They have 40 different "burger topping combos" and you choose what type of patty you'd like. Drew and I have a hard time finding places that we both like so Relish was SO refreshing because we both loved everything we got! We'll definitely be back again soon :)

Next on our list of places to visit was Weezi (also see her Etsy shop here). Lisa and I had become "twitter friends" but hasn't meet in person yet so Drew and I took the opportunity to walk up to her shop on Friday. I've got to say it's one of the funky and cutest places I've been in a long time! Lisa and I hit it off right away in person and you'd swear we had known each other for years! It's so great meeting like-minded people who are also just a few blocks away!! I seriously can't tell you how excited I've been lately about connecting and forming friendships with such amazing people like Lisa, Erin, and Brandy! You girls all rock my world!

If you're in London, Ontario and haven't been to Relish or Weezi yet, get your butts down there!

Relish is located at 135 Wortley Road.

Weezi (shown in the picture->) is located at the corner of Albert and Richmond Rd. (right above Prince Al's). Let Lisa know "batty" sent ya! ;)


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I love that top too.


  2. Thanks :) I definitely did. It was long awaited :)