Tuesday, July 20

What Your Skin is Up to While You Sleep

Did you know that your skin is up to some pretty interesting things while you sleep? It's true! The saying "beauty sleep" does hold some weight because we all know we don't look so "hot" when we're run down due to lack of sleep. Want to know why? Let me explain...

Your Skin Responds Better to Treatments While You Sleep...
Your skin will readily take in active ingredients from facial products, such as my patchouli facial cream, while you sleep. One of the reasons for this is because the products and your skin don't have to compete with sunlight, make up, and pollution. Secondly, your body temperature is higher when you go to bed because of activity and food intake so products will absorb deeper into your skin - and if you're trying to get rid of a nasty breakout, this is exactly what you want!


When I need it, I always put on a facial product to "clean up & repair" my face while I sleep but I can honestly say that I don't ALWAYS need to do this. There are those few days a week when my skin is looking A-OK and without any problems. On these days I "let my skin breath". Yes, what your mother told you is true.. your skin needs to breath! At least once a week give your skin a break while you sleep and let it do it's thing - repair itself, detox that dirt, and balance oil production. Every once and a while it can do this on it's only without our help ;)


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