Thursday, September 2

Batty's Tips for Beautiful Hair

Our hair can be our crowing glory or a reason for us to want to hide from the world! I've talked a bit about hair care in previous posts, and a quick video. Today, I'll be adding to those with a post that shares some quick tips to keep your tresses looking gorgeous!

  1. Switch to high quality, handmade, SLS and paraben free shampoo and conditioner. Great handmade formulas wont leave any residue or damage your hair. It's important to make sure you're using a shampoo that isn't so strong that it's striping away more than just the extra grease and dirt. It's equally important that your conditioner is formulated to untangle without leaving built up. A conditioner that properly detangles hair doesn't just make combing your hair easier, it virtually eliminates breakage.

  2. Most people don't need to wash their hair every day if they aren't working up a sweat or getting really dirty. If you're washing your hair everyday with a commercially made shampoo, it's likely that your scalp is producing more oil than it normally would because your shampoo is stripping it of its natural oils. After about 2 weeks of switching to handmade shampoo and conditioner, you should see a substantial difference in your hair - it will be more manageable and looking better than ever before!

  3. Keep your ends healthy by conditioning your ends each and every time you shampoo. Also, watch your ends and give them a little trim when needed. This is particularly important if you have long hair like I do because you probably aren't getting your hair professionally cut as much as your friends with shorter styles. I've perfected cutting my own bangs and layers over the years, but if you aren't brave enough to cut it yourself and don't want to run to the salon for a quick snip, get together with your best gal pal and check out youtube for lots of how-to videos.

  4. Use "claw" and butterfly clips instead of elastics to reduce breakage from ponytails. You can reduce further damage by only using heat styling products when absolutely needed. I would suggest not using heat styling more than 3 times a week.

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