Thursday, September 23

Win Some Spooky Batty's Bath Soap!

I'm having a Batty's Bath Fan Page contest!
Check out all the details below and then
head over to the fan page to enter.

Fish Bones Halloween Soap Handmade with Olive Oil and Shea Butter VEGAN

The prize up for grabs are:

1st Place
A fishbone soap bar
2oz of seasonally scented body scrub

2nd Place
A fishbone soap bar

3rd Place
2oz of seasonally scented body scrub

How to Enter:

Suggest the Batty's Bath fan page to your facebook friends.

Ask them to come over to the fan page,

"like it" and post that you referred them.

That's it!

So for example, if I suggested the fan page to SudsySally,
SudsySally would come over to the page "like it" and then
post "Jamie Sabot referred me!" on the wall.
The person with the most referrals by Oct 1st will win :)

More ways to win:
You don't have to just use the "suggest to friends" link!
You can tell your twitter friends, share it with your plurk buddies,
or spread the word on your fav forum! Whatever works for
you as long as you're not spamming people :)

To make sure your referrals count, make sure your friends use
your FACEBOOK name when they post on the wall.
If you go by "PIpeppy" on facebook but your real name is Joe,
make sure your friends post "PIpeppy referred me!"....
If they just say "Joe referred me" then I wont know
who "Joe" is when I look through the list of fans. Also, your
friends have to continue to be fans of the fan page until at
least Oct 1st for the referral to count. I'll add up all the referrals
on that day and announce the winner!



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