Monday, February 14

3 Ways Pamper Your Partner B&B Style!

Whether you've already made plans for Valentine's Day or not, pampering your partner doesn't have to be restricted to just one day! Why not say "I love you" and surprise them with some quality pampering year round? Today I'll share 3 ways to pampering your partner the bath & body way!

1. Treat their senses with sensual scent!
It's been proven that certain aromas can arouse desire so why not give your loved one a sensual new scent to enhance your romance? Yes, you'll be using a bit of psychology with this trick! By giving them a sensual scent you will strengthen their existing association of arousal and desire with YOU ;) oh la la! Now that's the kind of classical conditioning that can really heat things up! Pick a scent combo that fits your partner's personality and that stimulates your own sense of attraction. Suggestions for him include: musks, mints, cedars, or basil blends. Suggestions for her include: soft, feminine aromas such as crisp apples or sweet scents like buttercream icing and cotton candy.

2. Prepare a soothing soak!
Surprise your special someone with a soothing soak! This gets an especially good response after a they've had a long stressful day! To create a simple romantic escape, all it takes is a bathtub, wonderfully warm water, a candle or two, and a skin loving bath bomb or fluffy bubble bath! If you're partners skin could use some TLC (think dry skin), use an olive oil bath bomb. If you're partners joints, muscles, and mood needs some TLC, use a bath tea. If you just want to set the mood and play on your partners favorite scent, go for some bubble bath!

3. Make Magic with a Massage
Treat your loved on to the gift of therapeutic touch. There's a style that suits everyone, whether it's a Swedish massage for two at the spa, or a DIY back or foot rub at home. If you go for the DIY version, you and your partner will set the scene for some great bonding time - both emotionally and physically. Don't worry if you're not a master masseuse! All you need to do is listen to your partner about what they want! Maybe it's just a foot rub, or making circles with your thumbs on their sore, stress filled shoulders. Whatever the cause, add in some solid lotion to help smooth things along AND treat their skin!


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