Thursday, February 24

Spring Inspiration Board

Many of you know that I've been searching for inspiration for my new spring line. The one thing I love about being a soap maker is that I get to create new seasonal items all the time! I get to gear up for each holiday and season in extremely creative ways! I couldn't ask for a better job :) Today I wanted to share one of the inspiration boards I've created during my "spring research". I've got a lot of ideas floating around in my head and I'll have to narrow them down shortly so I can get to work. The only complaint I have about gearing up for each season and holiday is that I never feel like I have enough time to create every idea I come up with. I suppose if that's the only complaint I have, that's pretty good! After all, I can always save any ideas that don't make it into this year's line for next year :)

Photo Credits: 1. Run with me., 2. My radio, 3. Untitled, 4. Pink Vanilla Meringue


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