Thursday, March 17

My Week So Far: It's a Batty Life

The week has gone by SOOO fast since I posted my last personal update (this happens every thursday on the blog)! I was at the Covent Garden Market on Friday and Saturday (HUGE thanks to everyone who stopped by!). Sunday was a whirlwind of deliveries and a round trip to my parents place and back. And then another week started!
(pst - that awesome Batty shirt was a gift from Weezi!)

I got a super awesome surprise on Friday night! Drew got me an iphone!! I've been wanting one for a really long time but could never justify getting one. I was so stoked when Drew gave it to me - with a pink cover an all!!! Weeee :) It definitely kept me entertained during the slow periods at the market. I'm loving it SOO much better than the blackberry I had before. What can I say? Apple products rule the world ;)

I did my nails on Thursday night - I rarely do them because they always chip so fast! I hate spending the time to paint them if they are just going to chip an hour later, ya know? Anyways, I heard about these awesome "salon effects" nail decoration applications and I had to try them! Usually I just wear fake nails if I'm going to "do my nails" because they don't chip and last almost two weeks. I'm pretty impressed with these salon effects so far though! They are supposed to last 10 days and so far they are holding up pretty good! The picture definitely doesn't do they justice, but trust me, they are super glittery & glam!

We had a blizzard here on Friday (which definitely slowed down traffic for me at the market). One of our poor trees cracked right in half! It doesn't look that big in the picture but it's actually pretty huge! This is it taking up the length our whole back yard!

Since Noel was on the blog last week I didn't want to leave my other doggies out! I tried to get a few pictures of them today but didn't come up with anything too grand lol. Oh, and Noel is such a ham that she tried to get into as many pictures as she could! Here's Noel and Sassy (aka Honey Bear, or Houndy Hound)! If the weather stays so mild, Sassy's sweater will come off - which is always a big ordeal because she gets so attached to it over the winter months that we have to make sure she doesn't think she's getting in trouble when we take her sweater off. We usually have to leave it in her bed with her for a week or so while she adjusts!

This is the best shot I could get of Princess. Princess doesn't like looking at the camera and when ever I try to take her picture, she sees it as the perfect time to cuddle! hehe. She's definitely the biggest snuggle bug we have. You could cuddle her all day and she'd still want more! She did some humane education with me (going into school and community groups to teach kids about animal welfare & care issues) and even after a full day of little kids flopping on her, hugging her, and playing with her "whooo hair" (all that crazy hair between her toes), she still tried to follow the kids when they left with their parents! haha. She LOVES kids and I can tell she definitely misses "working".

I had to include this picture because they both look hilarious! lol! Sassy falling asleep in the background and Noel with her ears back so far it looks like she doesn't even have ears!!

I've had a pretty sever flare up of fatigue since the weekend. This is pretty normal after my monthly market visit but it sure is a good reminder of why I've cut back on the number of shows I'm doing for 2011. I got a little over 12 hours of sleep on Sunday night (that's the norm for me), Monday I wasn't up for long and ended up sleeping again in the afternoon and then went back to bed in the middle of the night some time. Tuesday I slept until Wed! Yup, just over 24 hours worth of sleep... got up for about 8 hours yesterday (groggy & exhausted the whole time), and went back to bed before 9pm. I slept until about 10am this morning. I'm still pretty tried too! I have a few things that must get done before I run out of steam again like packing orders and soaking in the tub. Hopefully next week will be much more productive and I wont need so much sleep. I'll have to play it by ear though. This is just the way I have to live to manage my AS & fibro - it's about listening to my body and resting when I need to. And as you can see, this week was all about "needing to"!

p.s. I upload pictures that don't make it to the blog on flickr.


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