Monday, April 11

It will be quiet around here this week

Four years ago I started studying psychology at university. The picture to the left was in 2008 during mid-term exams. I've studied every summer, on top of the regular school year and now I can finally say that THIS FRIDAY will be my LAST university exam EVER!!! I'm pretty excited to finish this chapter of my life! But before, I can do so, I have to spend the week studying for that last exam. Things will be quiet around here until next week while I prep. After that, I wont have to set aside any more time for school, and I will officially be FREE to live each day to the fullest! Yes, as you guessed, I'm burnt out from school and although I'm grateful for being able to attend (and complete) university, I'm also so inspired & passionate about my work that I just want to spend all my time making, creating, and sharing! With that said, I've got to hit the books! While things are quiet around here, please complete the two quick customer surveys below. They will be used to guide the direction of Batty's Bath in the future :) Have a great week and wish me luck :)



  1. You are such an amazing woman, I admire you so much. Good luck with your exam, I'm sure you'll do great! x

  2. Congrats!! I just finished my first Final Exam today. I am so happy for you and very excited to see what you create with your new freedoms.

  3. Yeah! Good for you for sticking it out! Congrats and get some rest after so you can get getting on your soapy creations! Cheers!