Tuesday, August 9

Please Help Me Welcome Jena to the Batty Team!

I'm so excited to share some SUPER exciting news! Jena has officially joined the "Batty Team" as my personal assistant & Batty's Bath consultant! The business has grown so much that I couldn't put off adding Jena to the team any longer!

Jena helps with admin, marketing, packing orders, customers service, labeling products, and basically Jill-of-all-trades outside the studio. So when I'm knee deep in orders and I don't leave the studio for days on end, Jena will be available to help with anything you might need!

Jena's interested including being a scent connoisseur, being a mommy to the cutest little pumpkin around, Ava (that's her in the picture!), and caring for any and all animals that come her way! She fits in here so well! I love that she shares so many common interests with me, and keeps us on track so everything gets done (and done right)!

I'm such a perfectionist and very guarded with the work that goes into my livelihood that I never thought I'd be comfortable with an assistant, but with Jena, adding her to the team just felt so natural! I didn't have any reservations about her becoming extremely involved with the business which was so refreshing! That's how I knew she was a perfect fit! I knew it was the perfect timing when I realized no matter how much I wanted to do everything myself, it just wasn't possible anymore! Jena's been helping "un-officially" for some time now so I knew making the transition to being an official Batty Team member would be easy peasy!

I hope you all will help welcome Jena to the Batty Team! She can be reached at her new batty email addy: jena@battysbath.com

Thanks so much to all the support of our customers, fans, friends, and families! It's because of you that Batty's Bath is growing everyday!! Thank you all from the bottom of my soapy heart :)


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