Monday, November 21

What's New for Winter!

Check out the limited seasonal releases that are available now at! They are selling out fast so don't miss out :)

Minty Balm in Snowflake Locket
This lovely snowflake locket has something very special inside! Batty's Minty Balm is blended with the cold Canadian winter winds in mind! Keeping winter woes away from your lips is as easy and natural this year with this super moisturizing and tingling balm! This balm conditions and nourishes lips by restoring moisture so they look and feel soft and smooth no matter how many dates you have with jack frost this year!

BONUS - this balm doubles as a solid perfume! You can smell like a splendid minty snowball all season long AND taste fresh peppermint on your lips at the same time! Find out more here.

Holiday Cold Press Soaps
'Tis the season to enjoy great soaps! Great cold press soaps from Batty's Bath that is ;)

Winter Vanilla
Enjoy the warm and comforting scent of vanilla! This isn't just any vanilla! It's our winter vanilla that is as warm was vanilla can be with exotic hints of coconut! This soap will have you feeling warm and relaxed every time you lather up!

Christmas Cranberry
The tart and familiar scent of cranberries will put you in the Christmas spirit and keep the bah-hum bugs at bay!

Both these soaps are available here.

Gingerbread Solid Perfume
This Gingerbread Solid Perfume couldn't be a more tempting scent! Fresh out of the oven, comforting aromas of warm cinnamon & ginger swirled with drops of golden butter makes this a delicious baked treat. A holiday time favorite - warms away the winter chill.
Click here for more info

Holiday Gift Packs!
Make your holiday shopping (and spoiling) easy this year with Batty's Bath gift packs! Each comes in a handmade stocking (made by Momma Batty) and includes shampoo, body wash, and lip gloss. These perfect little packs are gift giving ready and are gifts that keep on giving (giving your skin, hair, and lips nourishment from natural moisturizers!).

There's six varieties:

❄ Baby it's Cold Outside ❄
Shampoo & Body Wash - Chocolate
Lip Gloss - Cafe Latte

❄ Gingerbread ❄
Shampoo & Body Wash - Frosted Gingerbread
Lip Gloss - Gingersnap Cookies

❄ Glistening Snow ❄
All - Marshmallow

❄ Winter Wood Land ❄
Shampoo & Body Wash - Citrus Spruce
Lip Gloss- Wintergreen

❄ Candy Cane ❄
All - Peppermint

❄ Sugar Plum Dreams ❄
Shampoo & Body Wash - Sugar Plum
Lip Gloss - White Chocolate

Find out more here

Kisstletoe Holiday Lip Gloss Pack
For the first time, Batty's Bath is offering lip gloss! And not just any lip gloss, it's holiday lip gloss made from natural ingredients!! Each is rich, creamy, and tastes amazing! They give a light shimmery hue to your lips while nourishing them with moisturizer! This natural lip gloss will keep your lips looking (and feeling) great all winter long!

With Kisstletoe Holiday Lip Gloss Pack, all your lip glosses come packaged in a handmade mini stocking (made by Momma Batty!) and includes one of each of the following lip glosses:

❄ Baby it's Cold Outside (Cafe Latte) - Dark Brown
❄ Gingerbread (Gingersnap Cookies) - Light Brown
❄ Glistening Snow (Marshmallow) - White Glitter
❄ Winter Wood Land (Wintergreen) - Blue Spruce Color
❄ Candy Cane (Peppermint) - Red
❄ Sugar Plum Dreams (White Chocolate) - Pink

They are available in a pack that includes a cute handmade stocking or separately here

Holiday Body Butter Gift Pack
Treat someone special (perhaps yourself?) to Batty's Bath limited edition holiday body butters! They come in this adorable snowman packaging that is perfect for gift giving or for decoration! You can even stuff him with recycled paper, newsprint, or something similar after the body butters are gone!

This year the body butter scents are:

* Christmas Crush (berry cherry)
* Silent Night (marshmallow)
* Cinnamon Vanilla

Each body butter is 4oz (the same size as Batty's Bath's regular body butter). This pack is around for only a limited time, and there will only be a limited number made. Get them before they are gone! ☃
Check out more pictures of this adorable snowman here

Peppermint Laundry Soap
Peppermint Laundry Soap is the seasonal release for the winter!! Have your clothes smelling as fresh as the crisp norther air!

See all my laundry soaps here Share

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