Friday, December 2

Keep Your Containers! Plus a Look at the New Year!

Keep Your Containers! Plus a Look at the New Year!

Just a reminder to keep your 2oz containers! In the new year, all plastic 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz jars will be replaced by 4oz biodegradable jars. This means that all the facial creams, scrubs, and body butters will come in jars that are the same size as the current body butter jars. So why keep your plastic containers? If you prefer to continue to use plastic containers, or don't think you'll go through 4oz of facial cream in 6 months, then you'll love that I'll be offering refill packs in biodegradable bags - these will be a bit cheaper as the packaging cost will be reduced and I'm hoping that they will be flat enough to qualify for a shipping discount with Canada Post! Also, please note that the current recycling program will be discontinued and replaced with a program that will still offer discounts for packaging that is returned that we can reuse. I'll announce all the details in the new year :)


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