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What I Wore - Dec 27, 2011

What I Wore - Dec 27, 2011, originally uploaded by She's Batty.

Cozy winter wear for a snowy day! I've realized that I don't really like wearing jeans or normal "pants" that much. If I can wear super comfy tights and get away with it outside the house I do! I'm all about comfort and spend must of my time in jiggers (those are sweatpants for those not in the know) or onesies!, And I usually feel like leaving the house is such a hassle because I have to put on uncomfortable clothes -- but, just like every winter when lots of layers is a must and my flare ups are at an all time high, tights + skirts/dresses = my best friend!

Sweater dress is from giant tiger.
Tights are from ebay.
Leg warmers are from

Plus I got a hair cut!! Thanks to Ashley for giving my hair mad style yo!!! The shortness is actually a welcomed surprise! It was time to get rid of the crispiness from all the dying I do and start 2012 with some fresh locks! Yes, the color is horribly faded, but that will hopefully be freshened up before the new year too! As per Ashely's advice (seriously the only gal I trust with my hair!), I'm going to give my hair a break and just use dyes that don't include any lifting agents (which means it will be manic panic type dyes all the way)! ... it will also be a time of me having to embrace my roots lol. This is what hibernating for the winter is all about though right? Ashely gave me some new purple dye to try (can't remember the brand right now - I've never used them before) and I'm excited to see what happens! fun fun fun :)


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