Saturday, June 19

Batty's Secret Revealed!

Batty's Facial Primer & Day Moisturizer has been my little secret for a long time now! This is one of the essential items in my "tool kit" when it comes to making sure my complexion always looks its best!

This formula has 3 natural clays that are each added for specific skin loving reasons.

The first clay is used to add "slip", making it a good primer. A primer is used on the skin before you put your make up on. It gives your skin a super smooth and soft texture, so your make up goes on flawlessly without getting "caught" on any imperfections, dry spots, or fine lines.

The second clay is added to improve the overall state of your skin by working to reduce dryness and flakiness, while improving clarity and tone.

The third clay is added to combat skin imperfections such as excess oil, break outs, and scars.

This formula can be used as a day moisturizer even when you don't wear any make up. When you do wear make up with it, you'll be happy to know that you'll have something between your skin and make up that's actually beneficial to the look of your skin!

If you missed my video about this primer and the other products I use on my face, you can see it here:


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  1. I need to buy like 50 dollars worth of stuff! WOW, I love natural, homemade products free from the hype that big cosmetics companies promise, I don't want to pay for frilly scents and pretty packaging; I NEED something that works! Thanks for this!