Friday, June 18

Beauty from the Inside Out: Orange Juice

It's one thing to pamper your body on the outside with skin-loving handmade bath & body products, but what about the inside? Natural beauty just doesn't come from the products we put on our skin, but it also comes from our state of mind (being healthy mentally and content - I'll touch on this more in future posts) and from the foods we feed our bodies.

Today I want to talk about a power food - Oranges!

As you probably know, orange juice is packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C neautralizes free racials in the body (as all antioxidants do). This is a good thing because free radicals damage cells and accelerate aging and disease - if that's not enough to get you to drink your orange juice, I don't know what is! lol.

If you need another reason to get your share of oranges or orange juice, what about this: You need the vitamin C that's found in oranges for the production of collagen which helps prevent our skin from wrinkling and sagging. Sure we can deal with these imperfections with make up and a good primer, but wouldn't you rather avoid them in the first place? In time, we'll all get some great, well earned laugh lines (yes, I'm actually PROUD of mine), but I'd like to avoid looking like that cartoon on the "old maid" card game too quickly! (And I'm not talking about the newer, prettier version! Oh no, I'm talking about the old haggard looking ones from my childhood! The scary thing is I think there may be a resemblance between me and a mix of the "dippy dabb" and the "wacky witch" haha)

If you don't like oranges, don't worry - there's a few other sources of vitamin c including broccoli, grapefruit and strawberries (however your best bet is still oranges!).

Now, I'm off to drink some yummy OJ!

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