Thursday, August 19

Spreading the Word about AS

The Video Above: An overview of Ankylosing Spondylitis (one of the 2 diseases I have) and the nonprofit, Spondylitis Association of America. The video includes personal stories of those with AS.

You'll notice that a lot of people had pain for years before being diagnosed. My symptoms started at age 12 and wasn't diagnosed until I was 23 years old. At that time I was told that I had sever erosion in my hips and now, without a weekly needle and constant pain medication I can't walk or even get out of bed.

I'm posting these videos in hopes that it wont EVER take that long for anyone else to be diagnosed if people continue to spread the word about AS. There shouldn't have be so much damage and so many years of pain before people get help! Please share these videos on twitter or facebook if you can. Thanks for your help!

Video Below: An quick over view of the areas most effected by AS


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