Monday, August 2

Batty's Bath Tub Essentials

Many of you know that soaking in the tub is part of my health regiment. I'm still hoping for a hot tub right in our living room (haha), but for now the good old tub is working just fine. Over the last few years I've really "perfected" my baths to be a relaxing and healing time for me - both physically and mentally - and there are a few things I can't bathe without. Here are my bath tub essentials!

1) A Good Book
Without a good book to read I can't sit in the tub for very long because my mind starts racing with all the things I should, could, or would do if I wasn't having to soak my bones! One of the ways that I help myself feel "productive" in the tub is to read. I usually read anything I can get my hands on, but when I'm in a really bad flare up, I need more than a few newspaper articles to keep me soaking. Right now I'm reading a book that one of my best friends got me for Christmas called "Z.E.O: How to get a(head) in Business" (A zombie's guide to getting a(head) in business). Obviously it's a light read and not all that productive, but nonetheless, it keeps me entertained! I've also got the Zen of Zombie book too! If anyone has any suggestions for good handmade business related books when I decide to actually get some productive reading done, let me know :) I'm always on the hunt for something new to add to my bath tub library hehe.

2) Epsom Salts
Epsom Salt is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and when it is absorbed through the skin, such as in a bath, it draws toxins from the body, sedates the nervous system, reduces swelling and bruises and relaxes muscles - need I say anymore? If I'm using a bath bomb that isn't laced with epsom salts, I throw a handful in but if I'm using a bath tea instead, the epsom salt is already in the tea bag :)

I make both bath bombs & bath teas and I couldn't have a bath without one of them! I decide on which to use depending on my mood and my body's particular needs at the time.

If my skin is feeling a bit dry (like in the winter), I use a bath bomb because mine are packed with olive oil that leave my skin feeling super soft. I also use a bath bomb if I'm extremely fatigued and can't even imagine having enough energy after a hot bath to moisturize.

If I feel like my soul needs a bit of nurturing I use a bath tea - lemongrass to lift my mood, peppermint to pick up my energy levels, or lavender to ease stress and promote a good sleep.

4) And Finally... a nice warm, fuzzy house coat to cuddle up in and my one-piece PJ's with built in butt flap to crawl into after I'm all dried off :) And no.. there wont be a pictures of these on the blog any time soon - I'll spare you all the horrors of me in my one-piece PJ's lol!!

Happy bathing :)

p.s. if I missed any of YOUR essentials, feel free to comment below :)

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