Thursday, January 6

Behind the Scenes Updates & Valentine's Day Goodies

Greetings everyone!

I hope everyone had a great time during the holidays
and that 2011 is off to a great start :)

While I was on vacation I did a lot of work "behind the scenes" around here and you're going to notice a lot of changes with Batty's Bath over the next little while. I took time to take a good look at everything to see where improvements needed to be made and what needed to be updated, overhauled, or made over! .... including my own hair!!! lol! Beautiful blue for Batty ;)

Ok, enough about my hair and on to more exciting news ;)

One the first things you might already have noticed is that the logo has been spruced up! You can see large image of the revised logo here. Also, check out the sidebar of the blog! All my most popular blog posts are linked there! If you're ever looking for more information about a bath & body topic, check there first! You never know what I might have wrote about! Oh, and if you have a topic you'd like to see featured, please let me know! I'm planning my blog posts out early this year so any help on content ideas is great appreciated! :)

The second thing you may have noticed is our new tag line.. or "slogan": Nurturing products based on old world charm with a green conscience. I feel strongly that this new slogan sums up what Batty's Bath is based on and what I stand for - from everything to making products from scratch with the highest quality local ingredients, to ensuring that every single step we take is as environmentally friendly and socially responsible as possible. Below you will see the extension of our new tag line:

Besides the graphic changes (the blog has had a makeover and so has - watch for the release of the new soon!), we've had some changes in our products as well! The most notable is the scrubs & body polishes! They have had a major makeover! So what's the difference in formulas? Just about everything!!! I'm no longer making whipped soap for the scrubs and body polishes (this was what all those wonderful exfoliates where added to). Instead, I've created a cream based body polish that is completely free of sulfates! It's 95% natural (the only synthetic ingredient is the fragrance oil) and many of the ingredients are certified organic! You still use this product in the shower and it still exfoliates just as well as before (the same exfoliating ingredients are used), but the major difference is that this product is even milder than before (rejoice all of you who have sensitive skin!!). Even those with the most fussy skin should be able to enjoy these new scrubs and body polishes without any problems (as usual, do a skin check first!). Additionally, since this product isn't a soap anymore, you'll want to pick out another skin loving product to use as a body wash / body soap (don't worry - I've got lots of options in the shop as well as new soapy things up my sleeves!).

Speaking of new soapy things... I've released my valentine's day goodies! These items are available for a limited time and I don't have many in stock! If you find something you or your valentine will like, snag it before someone else does :)

Oh, and those new scrubs & body polishes I mentioned? Well, I released a special valentine's day body polish called cinnamon heart!

Another notable change is that we've outgrown Gmail for our mailing list! We have had to switch to mailchimp to handle our list! Trust me, it's not that big of a list, but it's nice to feel like the biz is "outgrowing" things before it's 1st birthday ;) If you are already signed up for the mailing list you don't need to do anything - I'll transfer your email address to the new system. If you aren't on the list and would like to be, sign up on the side bar of the blog.

Stay tuned for a lot more news over the next little while!
2011 is going to be an extremely exciting year!!! :)


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