Friday, February 25

New Release: Hair Therapy Serum - Natural hair repair treatment

If your hair needs some serious TLC, it needs Batty's Hair Therapy Serum! This sprayable serum is formulated to repair damage, add moisture, smooth, de-frizz, and restore your hair to lovely, luscious locks!

You'll be amazed how well this serum works in just one application! It's made with ingredients that are proven to be beneficial to the hair by actually being absorbed and put to use. Did you know that coconut oil is one of the few oils that your hair will actually absorb and use to repair itself? It's true and this formula is LOADED with coconut oil (it's actually the main ingredient!).

Batty is known for changing her hair color often (whether that's a few layers or her whole head) and she wouldn't dare bleach her hair without her own handmade uniquely formulated hair repair Hair Therapy Serum! Whether you're putting your hair through some serious stress (like dying or bleaching it), or just subjecting it to daily styling damage, one thing is for sure - it could use some help to keep looking great! That last thing you need is dried out, frizzing, damage hair (not to mention fly-aways from breakage!)

Do your hair some good and pamper it the handmade way! Full directions for use are included on the bottle so you'll have a complete guide of how to resort your hair no matter what stage of damage it is in. You're also going to love fresh peppermint scent this 100% all natural hair treatment has!

This TLC treatment for your hair is now available in the Batty's Bath Etsy Shop and at Happy hair everyone :) hehe.


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