Saturday, February 26

The Wonderful Weezi: A vintage inspired fashion designer from London, ON

Some of you already know the wonderful Weezi but it occurred to me that many of my international readers probably have never had the chance to meet this lovely lady! Today that all changes because if you're even slightly interested in fashion, especially vintage inspired threads, then you're going to love Weezi! Heck, if you're even the slightest bit girly you're going to fall in love with her.. and if you're like me and love vintage inspired clothing (I'm a sucker for the dresses), handmade goods, and delightful designers then brace yourself! I'm about to rock your world by sharing just a little peak into the world of Weezi! This first picture is one of her lovely designs (picture by Adam Gaverluk). The lovely girl is our gal pal Geisha (isn't she beautiful!? she's super sweet and fun too)!

So what's Weezi and her designs all about? I'll let her tell you in her own words:

"Weezi was started in 1989 with a love of vintage and retro clothing. I have always been inspired by the looks of the 40's, 50's & 60's. I enjoy the silouettes & femininity of the those times. My designs are influenced by these looks and images that really embrace the female form. I like to mix and match vintage patterns with my own designs and create modern garments for gals who like to have a vintage flare. Many Weezi pieces are one of kind or in limited editions to ensure your Weezi item is unique unto you. All Weezi items are handmade in Canada."

Besides creating awesome dresses, skirts, shirts, bags, journals, and all kinds of other goodies, Weezi is a huge help in the community! She helps to foster creativity in the handmade community by participating in events and opening up her studio to help out when she can. She also carries my full line of bath & body products! Oh, and did I mention she's a HUGE animal lover? Just ask her about Stella, her pretty kitty, or Matilda her giant gold fish! I really can't say enough good things about this gal! She keeps me laughing, working ;) and well dressed! What more could a girl ask for in a friend? :)

Below is some of the places you can find her around the web:

If you're a local Londoner or are ever in London, Ontario, be sure to swing by her vintage inspired retro haven at the corner of Albert & Richmond St! You definitely wont regret it because she's got the coolest studio EVER! There's always something new to see or a finding that you missed on your previous visit (there's so much eye candy you wont know where to look first!). Plus, Weezi is almost always in the studio so you'll be able to meet her in person!

P.s. She also dubbed me the queen of Halloween and made this AMAZING "Batty" dress!! I definitely wear it all year round :) Check out her Etsy shop or Official site to snag your own Weezi creation!!


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