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Under Eye Dark Circles: Why & What to do about them

Dark circles are caused by several factors, and each one needs to be dealt with differently. Unfortunately, there aren’t any skin-care products in the world that can tackle all or even most of the causes of dark circles.

Hundreds of eye creams are being sold, all making claims they get rid of dark circles among other problems around the eye area, and yet none of these products actually seem to work. While there are definitely things you can do to improve dark circles, your solution won’t be found in a specialty product labeled with miraculous claims or a miracle ingredient.

What Causes Dark Eye Circles?
Sun damage
Veins and capillaries that show through thin skin
Genetic trait for having darker color around or under the eye area (inherited)
Natural shadows resulting from having deep-set eyes or sagging skin
Buildup of dry, damaged skin cells

What to Do About Dark Eye Circles?
Although the solutions below are worth exploring, keep in mind that for some people, eliminating dark circles entirely just isn’t possible. That’s where a great concealer and highlighter come into play, not to mention the incremental improvements you’ll notice from taking good care of your skin.

1. Use a well formulated moisturizer under the eye area every day. Remember, your under eye moisturizer doesn’t have to be labeled “eye cream.” There is NO research showing there are special ingredients needed for the eye area. NONE! Brilliant ingredients that fight dry skin, wrinkles, and environmental damage for the face work for the eye area, too. (Batty Bonus: Our primer and patchouli moisturizing cream both work great to keep skin well moisturized including the area under the eyes!)

2. Protect from sun damage with only zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as the active ingredients. Sunscreen ingredients other than zinc oxide and titanium dioxide can cause irritation around the eye and that can make dark circles worse. Defend against wrinkles or the overproduction of melanin that can make dark circles worse by protecting the under eye area. (Batty Bonus: If you're using my mineral makeup concealing powder, you have the sun blocking power of titanium dioxide on your side as TD is one of the main ingredients!)

3. Always wear sunglasses outdoors. Sun damage increases melanin production (the brown coloring cells in skin) and that will absolutely make dark circles worse. Sunglasses rated with UV400 and using a well-formulated sunscreen is the perfect combination to prevent dark circles, wrinkles, and sagging!

4. Consider using an antihistamine. If you have allergies they can be a major cause of dark circles and puffy eyes. Talk to your doctor about over-the-counter and prescription options.

5. Practice the perfect under eye makeup routine. Start with a good primer, next use a mineral makeup concealer. Mineral makeup concealer is best because it has with a matte finish. Follow up with your favorite foundation to add some color. Finish off with a light highlighter (can be as simple as a light mineral makeup eye shadow) right beside your eyes (the side of your nose directly beside your eye). See a video example below.


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