Tuesday, April 26

5 Reasons to Buy Handmade Soap

5 Reasons to Pamper Yourself with Handmade Soap!

1. You value the largest organ in your body - your skin
- and know that without the 3000 square inches of skin on your body, you wouldn't survive. It's definitely worth taking care of!

2. You don't want to have your skin rough, red, and dry after a shower or bath! You know that industrial manufactured soaps have harsh chemicals & detergents that cause just that! How? These harsh ingredients strip your skin of its natural moisturizers, irritate may people's skin, and even CAUSE may common skin problems!

3. You love that handmade soap is free of harsh ingredients and instead is made with natural oils, butters, and clays in particular combinations for various skin types! It's designed with specialized skin care in mind - not profits or bottom lines!

4. You LOVE Glycerin and each and every bar of handmade soap contains loads glycerin. Why do you love glycerin so much? Because glycerin draws moisture from the air into your skin! Is your skin craving moisture? If you're using industrial manufactured soaps you can bet it is because the glycerin is removed from these soaps and sold off for profit! Since the glycerin is removed from these industrial manufactured soaps, they replace that skin loving glycerin with poor quality fillers and detergents

5. You value affordable luxury and know that the simple things in like bring the most joy! Using handmade soap is like treating your skin to some serious pampering everyday! If you ever wanted to feel totally pampered on a small budget, handmade bath & body products are the way to go!


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