Thursday, April 21

My Week So Far: It's a Batty Life

Greetings everyone! It's been a few weeks since I posted a "my weeks so far" update. Why? In a nutshell - craft shows, an exam, and illness! The great news is that studying for an exam will NEVER again be something that will stop be from updating the blog because I'VE FINISHED MY BACHELOR OF PSYCHOLOGY DEGREE!!!! ... yup, I'm pretty excited! Through chronic pain, fatigue, and running Batty's Bath I've finally finished!

I've gotten asked by a few people "so what are you going to do with your degree now?".. my answer: NOTHING! lol! Batty's Bath is really taking off - enough to keep me very busy and is bringing in enough financially for me to stay home and take care of myself (which was the goal all along). It's so wonderful to be doing something I'm really passionate about that is also allowing me to live a lifestyle that keeps my flare ups at bay! I really couldn't ask for more than that!

In other news, we've been getting some wedding stuff done lately including figuring out my dress! Yes, I had one already from a previous engagement that's gorgeous but it just isn't "me" anymore (the one pictured). I've found another one that I'm absolutely in love with that mom is actually going to make for me!!! It's great coming from a family of "makers" :) I've put the first dress up on Ebay here and am hoping to sell it to pay for the materials & fabric for the next one ;)

In May during my mom's holidays, we'll be going on a mega fabric hunt for the PERFECT threads to make my new dress with. I'm so excited about it and would love to show everyone what we have in mind but I don't want to spoil the fun! But, I can share what the Save The Dates looked like now! They really fit in with our halloween theme!

As you can imagine, the past few weeks have gone by quickly but I've gotten myself more organized! I slept through several days in a row each week lately and woken up to feeling horrible (imagine not moving for over a day and a half, not taking any needed medication, not having anything to eat or drink, etc). The worst part for me was missing that medication. It took me another couple days to start to feel normal again (which meant no studio time). Instead I worked on getting organized on my computer and really figuring out what was sucking up a lot of my time. The forced days "off" from the studio and the days I had to take off of everything to study for that last exam really helped me to evaluate where I was running in one place or spinning my wheels. I updated my daily bookmark folders, my google reader, and a few other things to really slim down to just the essentials. It's been great for my soul because I'm not wasting hours on time suckers, or getting caught up reading millions of articles (my biggest weakness to staying on schedule!). I've also schedule out new product creations that breaks down releases by seasons. When I worked everything out on the calender I realized how much time things really do take! It made me feel a bit better because I sometimes feel like I'm not getting enough done each day but working out the steps showed me that I really do get a lot done in a short amount of time. Now I've spread out projects so each can one can get the attention it deserves while giving me enough time to keep up with my regular line, craft shows, and.. oh ya.. breathe! lol! I'm looking forward to working with this new schedule because it feel like I will be making important steps forward each day for Batty's Bath! I'm feeling more prepared for the busy craft season already!

This week I ordered some new business materials that I'm really excited about including business cards with a new design, banners, brochures, craft show signage, etc. I didn't need them right away so I opted for the slowest & cheapest shipping - but now I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for them lol! They wont be here for about a month so the excitement will fizzle by the time they arrive BUT I know when they arrive it will be like Christmas morning! haha. Yup, it's geeky little things like this that make me giddy!

That's it for this week!
Have a great Easter weekend everyone!

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