Thursday, April 21

Traditions Mom Taught Me

With Mother's Day coming up quickly after Easter (I can't believe how quickly Easter has snuck up!), I thought I'd share a few of the traditions my wonderful mom has taught me! This is a great exercise to do every once and a while for the most influential people in your life. It's a wonderful way to remind us how truly blessed we are with the little things in life.

Traditions from mom..
  • Grill cheese & tomato soap is the best supper on Halloween!
  • Sweet sixteen gals should get their birthstone in a pretty little ring.
  • Christmas morning means Pillsbury turn overs for breakfast!
  • You get to pick what we have for supper on your birthday!
  • Handmade fabric bags are the best kind of packaging for gifts of all sorts.
  • Morning coffee on the weekend should be drank outside in the summer

Mom taught us more than traditions she also taught us..
  • If you can make it rather than buy, do it!
  • Hugs heal
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Sleeping in on the weekends is well deserved
  • Reading and quiet time should be valued
  • The best thing mom ever taught me.....The best things in life aren't found in quick flashes, but rather in life long friendships & simple everyday luxuries.



  1. Coffee outside in the summer is a big thing in our house too!
    Great post!!!

  2. Beautiful. If we only were all so lucky to have such a wonderful relationship.