Thursday, May 5

My Week So Far: It's a Batty Life

Drew and I had a great weekend off! It was nice to have the time to go around to some of my fav spots, run errands, and enjoy each others company! The picture to the left is from our Value Village haul!! We found LOTS of goodies which was a surprise because it was close to noon and usually all the best things are picked over by then on a Sat. We lucked out and I scored more cookie jars to store bath bombs in, plus a polaroid camera!! I always look at the camera section but usually there isn't anything there other than a few old point and shoot film cameras so this was an exciting find! I have another polaroid camera around here somewhere but I haven't been able to find it! I'm hoping that when ever we move it will turn up! I can't wait to get some film and test my "new" polaroid camera out!!

I totally jumped for joy when Drew pointed out the light up jack-o-lantern that was buried at the back of a shelf!!! Halloween finds are the ULTIMATE thrifting treasure to me, especially something as cool, big, and in great shape as this jack-o-lantern!! He's now in his new home on our microwave along with some creepy decor :) Oh, and what's that orange and black fabric you ask? Well it's a dress!!! I rarely look through the clothing, and almost never find something I like (or is in my size) when I do look but I spotted this from a few rows away!! I had to run over and see what the black & orange garment was.. and long behold it was an awesome cord dress! I'll be sporting this fab find SOON! ;)

On Monday night I stayed over at my parent's place because I had a couple of doctor appointments in my hometown. My first appointment was a bone density scan to see if I can stay on one of my medications or need to figure out an alternative plan of action. The second was an eye appointment because I've noticed that my left eye has really gotten blurry over the last few months. My left eye has always had vision that was less than perfect, but I would only really notice when I was tired. Now I notice all the time. Last time I was the eye doctor I could read the second last line of the random letters "test" with my left eye, and on Monday I couldn't even read the top one - even when she increased the size! It turns out that prescription lenses wouldn't make a difference and she couldn't figure out why I was having this drastic change in my vision so I'm being referred to a specialist. Hopefully I don't have to wait a super long time to get in but I was warned it could be at least 2 months before I could see anyone. Let's hope my vision doesn't continue to get worse in that time! Between appointments I took my parent's dog - Shadow - for a walk. This dog LIVES for walks like no other dog I've known! He's the laziest bum ever until it's time for a walk lol. And that's saying a lot because I have 2 senior dogs and a greyhound mix who thinks she's a senior lol! I love walking Shadow because he never pulls and knows exactly how long the lease is (so he'll run with in that distance and then do a quick turn or stop when he knows he's near the end lol). We even stopped to enjoy a random patch of tulips that had sprouted on someone's lawn. It was nice! During our walk I notice how QUIET it is in small town. I grew up there but since being in a bigger city, I've forgotten. It's always lots of noise where we live - cars, people, buses, lawnmowers, dogs, etc. When I was walking shadow I could actually here his footsteps, a bird chirping, and two kids talking on the other end of the street! It was surreal and makes me want to move out of the city that much more!

Monday night and Tuesday were spent in the studio and packing up orders. I got lots of restocking done but still need to do a lot of labeling (the plan for tonight). Tuesday night I took my weekly needle which sometimes knocks me out for a day or two and sometimes just makes me a bit tired. This week was definitely the former because within an hour of taking it I was in bed and didn't have the energy to get out of bed again until this morning. I'm behind in my work schedule by a day now and am trying to catch up although I don't totally feel up to par. My pain level is quiet high and it's making it difficult to concentrated, and even though I'm sleepy, the pain keeps me from having a nap. Blah. I'm hoping for a boost of energy to catch up and a boost of energy to help me cope a bit better with this back pain. I'm thinking a soak in the tub is in order!


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