Monday, May 2

Spring Clean Up Sale

Sunny Spring Greetings from Batty!

You many have heard over at the facebook fan page or in a recent blog post that I've been squirreling away in the studio preparing for several new product launches!

That's right, the warm breezes and sunny skies wont be the only new things around here! BUT, before I can release all of the new products I first need to make some room on the inventory shelves & tables! That's where the Spring Clean Up Sale comes in!

The Spring Clean Up Sale is happening RIGHT NOW in the Batty's Bath Etsy Shop with deals starting at only ONE DOLLAR!

Click here to see all the sale items!

What are we cleaning out? Well, we're cleaning out all left over holiday & seasonal releases!
You don't need a coupon code for this sale, all the sale items have been marked down and have been moved to the "Gift Giving & Sales" section. Additionally all stock quantities have been updated so the number that is listed in the shop is all that's available. Once the items are gone, the sale is over and we can move on to releasing NEW PRODUCTS!!!

P.S. Did you know that anyone who is signed up for the Batty's Bath mailing list received notice of this sale early Sunday morning? Yup! They also got a list of all the new products that will be coming out! Would you like to know about sales before anyone else and receive insider information? No problem! Simply sign up for the mailing list and you'll get our next update delivered to your inbox!

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