Thursday, June 2

My Week So Far: It's a Batty Life

Is it Thursday already?? Wow! It's weeks like these that make me realize how whole month can go by so fast without feeling like you've got much done! This is how my week has planned out so far....on Monday a fatigue flare up had me sleeping.. for over 24 hours! Because I didn't get up once in that time period, I didn't take my medication which put me into withdrawal (think flu like symptoms). Sigh. I didn't recover until late... very late Tuesday. Actually, so late that it was almost Wednesday. Wednesday was spent at the hospital having a test done - still looking for answers with my eye - and recovering from that... and now here we are at Thursday! I've got a lot to catch up on including filling orders and trying to get my inbox under control so understandably this is going to be a short update. Besides, there's never much to report if my health conditions have had me "down and out" for the majority of the week....

BUT!!! THE GOOD NEWS..... Amanda at Kind Over Matter featured a video I made for her blog yesterday! It's about my story and how I overcome 2 chronic illnesses while building a business! Check it out here :)


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